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Arkansas Master Electrician, The Contractors School offers the only Complete 3-in-1 System consisting of:

(1) New NEC 2017 Home Study Computer Program with 10 excellent sample exams !

(2) Weekend Webinar or Seminar (prior to testing) !

(3) Text or Phone Call engineering tutoring help !

This Home Study Computer Program is a three (3) month subscription / enrollment and allows for unlimited Home Study, Seminars, and Tutoring for a three (3) month period !

Our sample exams simulate your actual Prov state exam! 

Questions, answers, and article references that you need to pass the new Prov state examination are contained in this new module. Choose this program if you are serious about passing your state exam with Prov. Go into the test prepared with the best computer study program in Arkansas!

.Below is a small sample of our exam prep questions:

  1. What would be the additional calculate load on the service of a dwelling is installed with a 16 kW range?
    • Correct Answer: NEC – Table 220.55, and Note 1. Calculate; 16 – 12 = 4 x 5% = 20% therefore 8,000W x 120% = 9600 VA
  2. What is the maximum setting of an adjustable inverse time breaker given the following: 208-volt, three-phase, 10-hp motor?
    • Step_1: Table 430.250 lists the FLC at 30.8 amperes..
    • Step_2: Table 430.52 lists the multiplier at 250%, then multiply 30.8 amperes x 2.50 = 77.0 amperes
  3. What would be the minimum ampacity of a feeder that serves the following three motors FLC ratings: 10A, 20A, and 30A?
    • Correct Answer: NEC – Per 420.24 calculate the largest motor at 125%: 30 x 125% = 37.5. Then  37.5 + 20 + 10 = 67.5 amperes

Screen shot image of our Exam Prep Program running on your home computer

The following reference materials are allowed in the examination center:

  • NFPA 70 National Electrical Code 2017
  • Candidate’s NEC may be highlighted , underlined in pen, and permanently tabbed. NEC notes, post-it markers, and personal study materials are NOT permitted.
  • Candidate’s may also bring a personal Calculator and Pencil(s).

License Requirements Summary:

  • 60 question exam, 3 hour time limit, minimum test score 70%
  • Prov Test Fee = $80

Applications must be submitted to Arkansas Board of Electrical Examiners:

900 West Capitol, Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: (501) 682-4549

    • License candidates must be pre-approved by Arkansas Board of Electrical Examiners prior to testing with Prov.
    • Applications submitted are usually processed in 2-3 weeks, at which time each license candidate can schedule their examination with the testing agency Prov.

For Licensing Questions please contact Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing Electrical Board:

4815 W. Markham Little Rock, AR 72205
Phone: (501) 682-9201

Examinations are administered by the testing agency Prov Inc:

5200 NW 43rd Street Suite 102-167 Gainesville, FL 32606
Phone: (866) 720-7768
Office Hours: 8am to 6pm (Est)

Our interactive Exam Prep Program allows each license candidate to prepare and study for his state examination while in the comfort of his own home. Our practice exams actually simulate the experience of taking the computerized state examination. The questions, multiple choice answers, and article references have been professionally prepared by our research team to cover every subject area, code section, and calculations. Our sample tests questions are scrambled each time you test to simulate your actual state test experience.

Natasha Gonzalez (501) 646-1609

This excellent program can be purchased and installed in just minutes, allows unlimited study and review time for a three month period, and runs on any Windows or Mac computer with an operating system. The program will run on your laptop without internet access allowing on-the-go study preparation.

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Ready to enroll or have questions? Please contact Natasha Gonzalez (501) 646-1609

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