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With our Business and Law exam prep program you will be able to go into an examination with confidence knowing exactly what types of questions to expect, what reference materials are used, and how the questions are written and phrased. Familiarity with these reference and text book questions is a must to pass your state examination.

Timed computerized exams can be difficult without preparation. Therefore, practicing sample tests, questions, answers, and text references repeatedly is critical for you to become an effective test taker.

Our program has a Study and Review mode that allows you become familiar with the material prior to taking your sample tests. The Test mode allows you to gauge your understanding of the variety of topics that will be required to pass the state exam. Our questions are scrambled each time you test to simulate your actual state test experience. Your goal with our program is to get your test scores at home above 95% within the time limit of your exam. Begin to Prep At Home with an immediate digital download!

The following reference materials are used to develop our exam prep programs:

    • Contractors’ Guide to Business, Law and Project Management(10th Edition ISBN: 1-934234-39-7). NASCLA Educational Resources and Publications, 23309 N. 17th Dr., Building 1, Unit 110, Phoenix, AZ 85027, (623)
    • Internal Revenue Service, Publication 15, (Circular E),Employer’sTax Guide, for use in 2012, 1201 N. Mitsubishi Motorway, Bloomington, IL 61705.
    • Code of Federal Regulations Title 29, Part 1926(OSHA), 2008, Superintendent of Documents, PO Box371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954, (888) 293-6498.

Important Notes:

  • Refer to your candidate information bulletin provided by the State or the testing agency to get a complete list of which reference books can be taken into your exam.
  • “Candidates are responsible for bringing their own references to the examination center. Reference materials may be highlighted, underlined and/or indexed prior to the examination session”. (Permanent tabs and highlighting is permitted. No notes !!!)

The trend has been over the last 5-10 years for the state examinations to be developed out of the text books that the State and the inspectors have adopted. Therefore, since we know that you are going to have to answer questions from specific text book sections, we focus our effort to develop exam prep materials for those sections. This allows you to focus your time and effort on these topics, and not misuse your time simply reading through the text books.

Here are some sample questions from our exam prep program:

    1. Some on site job related accidents do not require recording, of the following, which one does not?
      1. Temporary dizziness.
      2. Restriction of work or motion.
      3. Transfer to another job.
      4. First aid treatment for a minor cut or scratch.

Correct answer is: 4
Article Reference is: Contractors’ Guide to Business Law, 12-5

    1. According to the IRS, how many years must employment taxes records be kept?
      1. 4 years
      2. 5 years
      3. 6 years
      4. 7 years

Correct answer is: 1
Article Reference is: IRS Publication15 Cir E (record keeping pg.5)

    1. If a contractor has a grievance with a customer under contract, and a lien is recorded with the government agency having jurisdiction, what can be accomplished?
      1. Stops any future work on the property.
      2. Prevents the owners from occupying the property.
      3. Makes it difficult for the owner to sell the property.
      4. Seizes cash flow from property.

Correct answer is: 3

Article Reference is: Contractors’ Guide to Business Law, 16-1

    1. There are several types of business structures that a contractor can choose to operate under. A Subchapter S corporation type of business can have what advantage over other forms of organization?
      1. Limited state and federal regulation.
      2. Avoidance of double taxation.
      3. Ease of record keeping.
      4. Less personal liability for corporate debts than a corporation.

Correct answer is: 3

Article Reference is: Contractors’ Guide to Business Law, 2-4

    1. When the welding, cutting, or heating operation is such that normal fire prevention precautions are not sufficient, what must be done while the actual welding, cutting, or heating operation is being performed?
      1. fire resistant shields or guards shall be provided to prevent ignition.
      2. an additional person shall be assigned to watch for flames.
      3. the fire department must be alerted.
      4. threatened areas shall be coated with carbon tetrachloride, or similar flame retardant.

Correct answer is: 2

Article Reference is: OSHA 1926.352 (e)

Our students are provided with hundreds of questions like the ones shown above, that are developed specifically to cover each and every subject area for the computer programs that we offer. Why wait?