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Colorado Master Electrician NEC 2023 exam preparation



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Colorado Master Electrician Exam Preparation is our specialty since 1972. School enrollment is complete with Home Study Computer Program, Tutoring, and Live Seminars with real questions, answers, code references, and calculations to prepare you for the actual PSI state licensing exam.

Custom Home Study Computer Program running on your personal PC

Our sample exams simulate your actual PSI state exam!

Below are a few questions from your upcoming PSI state exam:

  1. A set of six 600 kcmil THHN ungrounded supply conductors are connected in parallel for the secondary of a transformer. What would be the calculated minimum Grounded Conductor required for this installation?
    • Correct Answer: NEC – Table 250.102(C)(1) Note 1, Chapter 9 Table 8.
      1. Per Table 250.102(C)(1), and using Note 1, calculate the equivalent area: 600 kcmil x 6 conductors = 3600 kcmil.
      2. Then calculate 12.5% of 3600 kcmil: 3600 kcmil x 0.125 = 450 kcmil.
      3. Per Table 8 of Chapter 9; up to a standard size of 500 kcmil.
  2. Photovoltaic systems operating at what DC voltage or greater between any two conductors shall be protected by a listed PV arc fault circuit interrupter or other system components listed to provide equivalent protection?
    • Correct Answer: NEC – 690.11 “operating at a PV voltage of 80 volts or more”.
  3. Given that a three-phase transformer will supply a load side voltage of 208-volts that draws 385 amperes of current, what would be the MINIMUM size transformer required for this service installation?
    • Correct Answer: Using Ohm’s Law calculate: P = I x E x 1.732 = 385 A x 208 V x 1.732 = 138,699 VA, then size up to 150 kVA .

The NEC Codebook and all reference materials are all provided by PSI at the exam testing location. Do NOT bring your personal NEC, but do bring two valid forms of identification.

    • NEC 2023

Our interactive Exam Prep Program allows each license candidate to prepare and study for his state examination while in the comfort of his own home. Our practice exams actually simulate the experience of taking the computerized state examination. The questions, multiple choice answers, and article references have been professionally prepared by our research team to cover every subject area, code section, and calculations. Our sample tests questions are scrambled each time you test to simulate your actual state test experience.

This excellent program can be purchased and installed in just minutes, allows unlimited study and review time for a three month period, and runs on any Windows or Mac computer with an operating system. The program will run on your laptop without internet access allowing on-the-go study preparation.

Candidates for state licensure must now pass an exam administered by PSI prior to submitting an application for licensure. See the recommended steps listed below:

    1. Study to pass your state exam on the first try with our Home Study Computer Program (Click ADD TO CART above)
    2. Register to take your exam online at or call (855) 898-0710
    3. Schedule an appointment to take the examination with PSI
    4. Take and pass the state exam
      • You must bring two valid forms of identification
      • Arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled examination appointment.
    5. File a license application with the Board at

Colorado Division of Professions and Occupations Online Services (DORA):

Electrical web address:
State Electrical Board, 1560 Broadway, Suite 1350, Denver, CO 80202. (303) 894-7800


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