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The Contractors School offers the only Complete 3-in-1 System consisting of:

(1) New HVAC and Business and Law Home Study Computer Programs with over 14 excellent sample exams that simulate your actual PSI state exams ! 

(2) Weekend Seminar or Webinar !

(3) Engineering tutoring help !

To obtain a Contractor license, each candidate must pass both the trade portion (1) Contractor exam and the (2) Business and Law portion exam. The Contractor and the Business and Law exams can be taken during the same PSI testing session for one $100 fee.

This Home Study Computer Program is a three (3) month subscription / enrollment and allows for unlimited Home Study, Seminars, and Tutoring for a three (3) month period !

Our sample exams simulate your actual PSI state exams! 

Questions, answers, and article references that you need to pass the new PSI state examination are contained in this new module. Choose this program if you are serious about passing your state exam with PSI. Go into the test prepared with the best computer study program in Oklahoma!

Below is a small sample of our exam prep questions:

(1)  A contractor must build a 15,000 square foot educational auditorium. What would be the minimum outdoor ventilation in CFM?

      • Correct Answer: IMC – Table 403.3.1.1 Auditoriums = 0.06 CFM/Sq-Ft. Therefore, 15,000 Sq-Ft x 0.06 CFM/Sq-Ft = 900 CFM

(2)  Solve for the required duct size for a sheet metal duct system showing a pressure drop of 0.25 IWC, delivers 1,000 cfm, has a total effective length of 263 feet, and a friction rate of 0.095 IWC/100?          

      • Correct Answer: ACCA Ductulator (duct slide rule) align 0.095 on galvanized metal duct /w 1000 cfm = 14″ round duct

(3)  Solve for minimum size of iron pipe that can be used in the following situation; Piping system 165-foot, Cubic feet / hr of gas 900 at 1 psi, Specific gravity 0.6, Pressure drop 1/2 inch water column.

      • Correct Answer: IFGC – Table 402.4(2), 2-1/2 inches

Sample questions from every code book required to pass your state exam are included with our preparation software!

Since the PSI state test is composed from several code and text books revisions, our exam prep program simulates this testing experience. Question and code references from the current and older code books and calculations are included with this module. This gives our customers the very best chance to study and prepare with the variety of questions that can be asked during their examination.

Screen shot image of our Exam Prep Program running on your home computer


The following reference materials are allowed in the examination center

    • NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business Law and Project Management
    • ACCA Ductulator (Duct Size Calculator)
    • International Mechanical Code
    • International Fuel Gas Code
    • Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
    • Manual N – Load Calculation for Small Commercial Buildings
    • Mathematics for Plumbers and Pipefitters
    • Code of Federal Regulations – 29 CFR Part OSHA 1926
  • Important Notes:
    • Reference materials may be highlighted, underlined, and tabbed. However, NOTES written in the codebook/s are NOT permitted by PSI.

License Requirements Summary:

    • Contractor (trade portion): 100 question exam, 4 hour time limit, minimum test score 75%
    • Business and Law portion: 50 question exam, 2 hour time limit, minimum test score 75%
    • PSI Test Fee = $100.00 for the “combination” test (both on same day)
    • State Application Fee = $330.00
    • Experience requirement: At least 1 year while holding the Journeyman license, and 4 more years as an apprentice.


Applications must be submitted to Construction Industries Board at:

Construction Industries Board
2401 NW 23rd St, Ste 2F, Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Telephone: (405) 521‐6550, Toll Free: (877) 484-4424

    • License candidates must be pre-approved by Construction Industries Board prior to testing with PSI.
    • Applications submitted to CIB are usually processed in 2-3 weeks, at which time each license candidate will be informed via mail or email to indicate approval to take the examination with PSI.

Examinations are administered by the testing agency PSI Services LLC:

3210 E. Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV 89121
Telephone: (800) 733-9267


Our interactive Exam Prep Program allows each license candidate to prepare and study for his state examination while in the comfort of his own home. Our practice exams actually simulate the experience of taking the computerized state examination. The questions, multiple choice answers, and article references have been professionally prepared by our research team to cover every subject area, code section, and calculations. Our sample tests questions are scrambled each time you test to simulate your actual state test experience.


This excellent program can be purchased and installed in just minutes, allows unlimited study and review time for a three month period, and runs on any Windows or Mac computer with an operating system. The program will run on your laptop without internet access allowing on-the-go study preparation.

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